Thanks for checking out my portfolio! This is a collection of work I’ve done for my brand MAKO__LAB. It includes a yearly social media plan as well as examples of content I’ve created for the brand’s social pages. 

If you have any interest in working together, don’t hesitate to contact me at my email or phone, both listed below.

(608) 563 8505



    This document provides an outline for my plan to grow MAKO__LAB’s social channels in 2024. 
    It includes goals, content pillars, posting schedule, and sources of inspiration, all tools useful for growing the accounts this year.





    Here you can see some examples of the carousel posts I publish to Instagram and TikTok. 

     The idea is to hit multiple content pillars from the planner in a photo-dump style post with both photos and videos. 

    I use the recurring text motif to keep a consistent pattern among the posts and boost rememberability. 

    Captions will be one of two options. The first is a short and sweet that is intentionally vague and creates a sense of mystery. The second type is much longer. They are very explanatory and include lots of commonly searched terms like “luxury candle” or “best fragrance” to boost discoverability.

    Hashtags are also present under the caption. I’ve chosen a set that includes some extremely popular, and some more niche hashtags. The same set is used in every caption.






   There are two types of short-form videos I’ve done.

    The first is a shorter (5-10 seconds) style. It consists of lots of clips with fast cuts and a trending audio. These act as the top of the funnel, bringing new people to the account. 

    The second type is longer (45+ seconds). They give a more thorough, behind-the-scenes look. The personal vibe creates a connection with the viewers, acting as the second level of the funnel.

    The captions follow the same strategy as the slideshows. Usually the shorter captions for the short videos, and longer captions for the longer videos.